17 December 2008

Detective Stories | Inclined to Lie

Detective Stories
Inclined to Lie
[Poison Apple]

If you can have only one band with you on a desert island, please consider Kent’s very silly Detective Stories. They put on a helluva show, and they’re quite unafraid. They experiment with metal, dance, country, and even folk ballads in this, their third album. Too good to ignore.

See also: Detective Stories, An Unnatural September (2006) and Salvation, Brothers! (2004).


  1. I found the studio recordings of this band not nearly as nauseating as the live performances I have seen in Trenton NJ and Lincoln NE. Sure, the industrial covers of Elvis Costello early hits were brilliant, but did not capture the true wrath of their onstage presence. Inteligent music for provocative listeners.

  2. Oh, I am inclined to believe you overthink their genius. Let the music happen to you. Anything else and you're likely to nitpick.