17 December 2008

Moving Van | End of Their Song

Moving Van
End of Their Song

Singer Vance Strand and guitarist Clyde Fenton have really come into their own, if they are able to make Philucifer’s masterpiece look pale in comparison. End of Their Song is, ironically, the true beginning for this twenty-year-old group, borne out of Chelford. Twelve albums, including Muscle Memory (2000) and Piece of the Puzzle (1996), all belie their inherent talents, since they have been quietly drifting into public consciousness. This year, the exuberance of history being made internationally has lent itself to a nineteen-song pastiche that Moving Van is calling a “symphonette”. Said symphonette is at once serious, fragile, and, yes, moving. If you aren’t prepared to have your heart broken by a song, then steer clear of the final track, “Hearing Back.” But be warned, this whole album is inclined to hang out in your player for the better part of a year.

See also: Moving Van, Cause for Alarm (1992) and Der Stern (1998); The Difference, Reveal His True Identity (2004); Church of Chrome, The Church of Chrome Presents (2008).

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