17 December 2008

Supremascene | Courage, Man, and Steady On

Courage, Man, and Steady On

The year 2007 saw another kickass Supremascene album, a follow-up to the previous year's Iron Coast. This Richardson supergroup quartet, culled together from bands as diverse as Philucifer (lead guitarist and singer Dean Grant), the Accidents (bassist Brian Addison), One Step Beyond (rhythm guitarist Wyatt Wescott), and Royal Blue (drummer August Carlisle), claimed their space with songs like "My God" and "Terrible Trouble", but failed to make any real splash in the charts. Luckily, Courage, Man, and Steady On (obviously named for a line from the pirate film Blood in Their Sails) brought critical success to the Supremascenesters. Hits like "Vault", "Blameless", and "The Top of the Wall" moved asses and heads in time to the best rock has to offer. There is some talk of another album from the boys in 2009, tentatively titled Negative Zero. If each album brings improvement, then that one should be the one that snags ears forever.

See also: Philucifer, How Virtuous; the Accidents, Waiting to Happen; One Step Beyond, U No Hoo.

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  1. Your bassist rox. He's better than that a-hole from the Chili Peppers.