17 December 2008

Philucifer | How Virtuous

How Virtuous

The re-formed Philucifer, back when they announced they were getting back together in February of this year, was seen as a bunch of self-deluded rock stars trying to reclaim commercial success after splitting into three other bands (Question of Character, Supremascene, and the Dropsies) that were better apart than together. Singer and chief songwriter Dean Grant may have learned a little something from the experience, because How Virtuous is the best Philucifer album ever produced. Although, we still want him make another Supremascene album, too.

See also: Supremascene, Courage, Man, and Steady On (2007) and Iron Coast (2006); Question of Character, Aces and Eights (2007); The Dropsies, It Ain’t What You Think (2006).

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